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Business Litigation Laws In Massachusetts

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. will help you understand the issues related to business and consumer litigation disputes. By applying your unique facts to the law, we help our clients evaluate their options and make sound decisions. This process requires trained professionals, licensed in both MA & NH to work within the framework of the law so the client can decide how their desired result can best be achieved.

Business Litigation Faq’s

My insurance company is denying my claim, what are my options?2018-05-07T22:25:52+00:00

One of your options is to let us hear more about your policy coverage, your claims procedures, the basis for the denial of coverage, and what you prefer as a remedy. Insurance companies are highly regulated, and yet they appear to have large legal departments to protect their interests. We may be able to level the playing field.

I am an employee who was unjustly terminated, what could you do for me?2018-05-07T22:25:48+00:00

Wrongful termination can be devastating to an employee, for the short and the long term. It is entirely possible the employer can be found to have fostered a hostile work environment, or violated other labor laws such as harassment or retaliation for whistle blowing. The only way to know what we can do for you is to know more about how you were unjustly terminated.

I am a small business owner, what can you do for me?2018-05-07T22:24:57+00:00

Small businesses stand in a weaker position than larger corporations do when it comes to bargaining power, or enforcing an agreement. The small business owner may feel constrained to bring a legal action against a company with an unlimited amount of resources. When the small business owner is not being treated fairly by its insurance company, or by its vendor, or they are not being paid for services and products they furnished or installed, we can help you explore your legal remedies.

Is your law firm comprised of Plaintiff’s Attorneys?2018-05-07T22:24:20+00:00

Yes. This means that our legal team is skilled at helping a business owner who was harmed by another business or entity. It means we help consumers harmed by unfair or deceptive practices. It means we help hard working businesspersons collect the money owed to them for the products and services they rendered to another.

How do I get started?

At the Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, we provide our clients with the information you need to help you make informed decisions. Call us at (978) 275-1919 or fill the form below for a free consultation.


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