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How is Property Divided in Massachusetts?


Property Division Laws in Massachusetts? Going through a divorce can be a difficult situation. It can lead to stress and high financial costs if not handled and dealt with swiftly and delicately. There is much to consider when going through a divorce, especially when it comes to the question of who gets what. If you are filing for a divorce in Massachusetts, it is important to understand the laws in regards to division of property. The state of Massachusetts is considered an equitable distribution state. What this means is that any assets or debts that were accrued throughout your marriage or [...]

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Safe Driving Tips for the Labor Day Weekend in Massachusetts


Labor Day Safe Driving Tips The Labor Day weekend is a great time of year, especially in Massachusetts. Although it signals the end of the summer for many, it is still warm and serves as a perfect opportunity to enjoy friends and family at barbeques and college football parties.  Many families take this time to enjoy their last getaways before school starts and to get in one last beach day. It is also a time to be acutely aware of the dangers on the road that are all-too prevalent during this national holiday. Specifically, traffic on the roads skyrockets during Labor [...]

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Thanksgiving Travel Safety in Massachusetts – Avoid an Auto Accident


Being the site of the first Thanksgiving, the state of Massachusetts will certainly have its hands full this season.  Many key cities will host Thanksgiving parades, concerts, shows, and street parties.  Tourists, mostly out-of-towners, will be flocking to Plymouth and other historical places in Massachusetts. […]

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