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Commuter Rail Train – MBTA Accidents Lawyer in Massachusetts


Commuter Rail Train - MBTA Accidents & Lawsuits in Massachusetts Surprising to many, Boston MBTA was rated one of the best transit systems in the United States. However, surprised or not, it has had its share of break downs and accidents in recent months. Can the  MBTA be the best while at the same time be the absolute worst? Oldest Transit System in the US The MBTA says on their website, “While Boston is the birthplace of American liberty, it is also the birthplace of American mass transportation.” Boston’s transportation system started back in the 1630s. They had a ferry system [...]

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MBTA Accident Laws in Boston MA


MBTA Accident Laws and Injuries in Massachusetts Established in 1964, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) acts as the official mass transit system for many towns, cities, and municipalities and offers the commuter rail, subway, trains, ferry boats, and buses for public usage.  Thousands of residents in the state of Massachusetts use the MBTA commuter rails every day for transportation to and from Boston as well as the surrounding areas. Each week about 131,000 riders use the services of the MBTA Commuter Rail according to the American Public Transportation Service. The MBTA Commuter Rail is in the top five of the [...]

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