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MBTA Accident Laws in Boston MA


MBTA Accident Laws and Injuries in Massachusetts Established in 1964, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) acts as the official mass transit system for many towns, cities, and municipalities and offers the commuter rail, subway, trains, ferry boats, and buses for public usage.  Thousands of residents in the state of Massachusetts use the MBTA commuter rails every day for transportation to and from Boston as well as the surrounding areas. Each week about 131,000 riders use the services of the MBTA Commuter Rail according to the American Public Transportation Service. The MBTA Commuter Rail is in the top five of the [...]

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Massachusetts Car Accident Injury Lawsuit FAQs


What is My Car Accident Case Worth? Have you been injured in a car accident in the state of Massachusetts and want to know what your case is worth? The answer to your question isn’t as cut and dry as you might think. There are a variety of factors that will limit what you receive after you case has been settled. So if you have been injured you need to know your rights and what to expect while your case is being settled. Determine Amount of Fault The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the amount of evidence [...]

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Workers Compensation FAQ’s in Massachusetts


What Injuries Are Covered by Workers Compensation? In Massachusetts any injury that occurs during the course and scope of your work is covered. You are eligible if the injury occurred at your employer’s premises. You may also be eligible if for workers comp if you were performing a job-related task elsewhere when you sustained injuries. Some work injuries may be deemed as not severe enough to warrant a compensation claim. Small cuts and wounds are some of the injuries that may not be serious enough for compensation. In other words, if the injury can be treated through first aid it is [...]

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Latest Samsung Galaxy Phone Safety Recall – Massachusetts Injury Lawsuit Attorney


Samsung Galaxy Phone Safety Tips for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Any Massachusetts resident who owns a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 should be aware of the recall that the company has placed on the device. The mobile phone has an issue within the battery of the device that can cause a fire and even explosion. This can lead to injury of the phone user as well as anyone nearby. Personal belongings can be at risk as well as the home where the phone is kept during charging. Samsung has alerted individuals who have the device that the mobile phone should be [...]

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