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How Long Can I Collect Workers Compensation in MA?


How Long Can a Person Be on Workers Compensation in Massachusetts? When injured on the job in Massachusetts, you may be entitled to benefits based on workers’ compensation laws in the state of Massachusetts. The laws require that every employer have workers’ compensation insurance and the insurance is what pays benefits to employees who are injured. It is important to understand the basics of workers’ compensation in the state when living and working in the region, so you can file a claim if injured on the job. Most every individual who experiences an injury on the job wonders just how long [...]

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How Much Will I Get from a Worker’s Comp Settlement in MA?


If you are injured on the job or fall ill and are left with a lasting impairment, you may be eligible for disability benefits in the state of Massachusetts. The law requires every employer to have workers’ compensation insurance, to assist in instances when employees are sick or are injured, unable to work due to a disability or are partially impaired by a disability, due to the work accident or occurrence. You can choose to file a worker’s compensation claim and file for benefits or you may choose to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. A settlement can be negotiated [...]

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Workers Compensation FAQ’s in Massachusetts


What Injuries Are Covered by Workers Compensation? In Massachusetts any injury that occurs during the course and scope of your work is covered. You are eligible if the injury occurred at your employer’s premises. You may also be eligible if for workers comp if you were performing a job-related task elsewhere when you sustained injuries. Some work injuries may be deemed as not severe enough to warrant a compensation claim. Small cuts and wounds are some of the injuries that may not be serious enough for compensation. In other words, if the injury can be treated through first aid it is [...]

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