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Chapter 7 Laws- Bankruptcy Attorneys In MA & NH

Also known as individuals seeking relief from burdensome debt can file a “straight bankruptcy”, chapter 7. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed to collect and sell non-exempt property to pay creditors. NOTE: Under chapter 7, not all debt can be discharged, only certain types of debt may be discharged. Some property may be claimed as “exempt.” Todd D. Beauregard works in both Massachusetts and NH bankruptcy courts.

Corporations and partnerships do not receive discharges, thus, person who are legally liable for the corporations or partnership’s debt remains liable. In these cases, it may be required the individual consider bankruptcy for him or herself individually, and, a separate bankruptcy action for the corporation or partnership as well.

Chapter 7 Laws

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You may not need to file for bankruptcy.

Every case is different and the time it takes to file and close may differ between clients, the important thing to know is do not wait till it’s too late. We see a lot of people in denial about their debt, and their pride tells them they can get through it. The stress and anxiety they harbor can be extreme. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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To file for bankruptcy properly it is advised to seek a qualified chapter 7 attorney. Without representation it can be difficult just knowing where to start. Filing for bankruptcy can not only relieve you of debt but can actually in some cases increase your credit score!

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help management your debt and protect your assets. The time it takes to file and complete the process of Chapter 7 is relatively short, only a few short months depending on the complexities of the case. You can file Chapter 7 only one time every seven years.

Beauregard Law will give you an overview of the bankruptcy and chapter 7 process and consult you every step of the way. We will work by your side to help you get through the bankruptcy process.

Call us to see if you qualify for Chapter 7

Our staff of 6 dedicated attorneys has many years of Bankruptcy experience. In the past, we’ve produced optimal results for our clients. You can expect us to work just as hard for you.


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Attorney Beauregard and his team helped me with a bankruptcy for chapter 7. Living in Massachusetts and finding a local attorney was important and this law firm answered their own phone and were compassionate about my situation. That meant alot. I would recommend them for any bankruptcy case.

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