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Immigration law is simply the rules that have been established by the federal government for determining who is allowed to enter the country, and for how long.

It also governs the naturalization process for those who desire to become U.S. citizens. Only a licensed lawyer or accredited representative is authorized and qualified to assist you with your immigration or green card application.

Immigration Attorney

For foreign citizens who are seeking to live in the United States they must first obtain an immigrant visa. The process for immigrants can be complex. Some of the questions we receive from clients looking to apply for a visa are, how long will the process take? Will I qualify to become a US citizen? And how much will it cost.

To be eligible for an immigrant visa, a foreign citizen must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen relative, a prospective employer or U.S. lawful permanent resident. The sponsor then begins the process by filing a petition on the foreign citizen’s behalf with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

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