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Living Wills / Power Of Attorney Laws In MA

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. help you understand the issues related to end-of-life care. By applying your unique choice to the law, we help our clients evaluate their options and help them make decisions. This process requires trained professionals, skilled to work within the law so the client can decide how their desired result can best be achieved. Todd D. Beauregard represents clients in both Massachusetts.

Living Wills Faq’s

What types of power of attorney are there?2018-05-08T17:40:46+00:00

There are many types, depending on your need. There are those which give broad discretion to the other person (general power of attorney), it is the granting of a right that you have, to another person, to make decisions on your behalf. Limited power of attorneys grant powers restricted to conditions such as selling property, making investments, making health care decisions. A durable power of Attorney permits you to appoint an agent (need not be an attorney) to conduct your business should you become incapacitated (i.e., financial affairs, conduct business during incapacitation).

What is a power of attorney? Does the person need to be an Attorney?2018-05-08T17:40:12+00:00

A legally recognized document granting the right to another person to make decisions on your behalf. No, the person does not need to be an attorney, although a good many people chosen by others to be their agent are attorneys.

What is the difference between a living will and a health care proxy?2018-05-08T17:39:20+00:00

The circumstances under which decisions may need to be made. In a living will, death is presumed imminent, so your end-of-life care preferences are expressed. In a health care proxy, your preferences for health care are expressed should you be rendered incapacitated or unable to communicate.

What is an advanced directive?2018-05-08T17:38:54+00:00

Another term meaning the same thing as a living will. The preferences stated in your advanced directive, or your living will, make it clear to your loved ones what you have chosen to be your end-of-life care decisions.

What is a Living Will?2018-05-08T17:38:11+00:00

Unlike a will, A living will is a legally recognized document that describes your preferences for end-of-life care.

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