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Medical Malpractice Laws In Massachusetts And NH

The Law Offices of Todd D. Beauregard, P.C. help you understand the issues related to medical malpractice. By applying your unique facts to the statutory and judge made law we can help clients who are injured by medical professionals explore their options for remedies. Todd D. Beauregard has settled medical malpractice lawsuits in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire courts.

Medical Malpractice Faq’s

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This is not a situation where we are simply looking for a quick paycheck or to hit the lottery. Patients suffering from a legitimate malpractice error are entitled to have their case investigated and researched for 1) to one prevent this from happening again and 2) to hold the provider accountable and 3) To provide the patient with legal compensation for unnecessary pain or suffering that occurred from the negligent health care provider.

The number of medical errors that occur to the number that actually get filed is staggering. Research shows that almost all the medical error claims are seen as not credible. This were having an experienced malpractice attorney can help. It has become an epidemic of medical malpractice issues but not of lawsuits.

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Approximately 100,000 Americans were killed through the negligence of a health care provider and many more were injured. Medical Providers need to be held accountable for hold negligent healthcare. There are still a growing number of medical errors. Perceptions about medical negligence are little more than myths.

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Med Mal, short for medical malpractice is type of personal injury but is directly related to an act of medical negligence or omission by a health care provider in which the treatment that was provided is below the acceptable standard of the practice in the medical community and causes injury, medical error or even death to the patient. Medical professionals may obtain liability insurances to offset the risk and costs of lawsuits based on medical malpractice.

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